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Stitch, Fall 2013

Take a walk on the exotic side with projects, fabrics and techniques from modern fairy tales to inspiration from other countries and eras.

Exotic sewing . . . now that's sure to spark any sewing enthusiast's curiosity! Adventure is in the air with the exotic-themed issue of Stitch, Fall 2013. Whether you want to learn how to sew or are searching for creative new ideas, you'll love the projects, fabrics and techniques that take a page from both fantastic and global influences, from modern fairy tales to inspiration from other countries and eras.

The Projects

Modern Fairy Tales – Add a fantastic touch to wearable and accessory projects for adults and children. Spark your imagination with items that spark the imagination, from the fabulous to the embellished.

Renaissance Woman – Capture the new romantic and baroque style with projects for wardrobe and home for yourself, family, and friends. Explore unusual embellishment techniques and discover unique aspects of sewing all in the spirit of adventure.

Time Traveler – From retro to futuristic, look back to the past and forward to the future to create projects for wardrobe and home.

Global Journeys – Gather up every little inspiration around the world. Add globe-trotting touches to projects that provide the most exotic treasured details to create unusual wearables and accessories for yourself, friends, and family.

Call of the Wild – Express your walk on the wild side in this section devoted to projects that pay homage to Where the Wild Things Are.

Features include Globetrotting for Textiles, a chat with craft celeb Amy Sedaris, Meet Me in St. Louis, and The Vibrant Fabrics of Mexico. Bring exotic sewing to your craft room with Stitch, Fall 2013!

Includes 3 of my projects: Moorish Tiles placemats, a Supergraphic table runner, and doorstop made to look like witch legs.


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