Woven Waves Table Runner video

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Bias strips are one of the easiest ways to do prepared-edge appliqué, and their possibilities for abstract, modern designs are endless!

  • Project size: 12" × 34½"
  • Price: $12.00
  • Format: MP4 (high definition)
  • Pages: 3 page pattern included
  • Running time: 36 minutes
  • File size: 651 MB

Traditionally used for vines and stems, Celtic knotwork, and stained-glass quilts, the versatility of bias appliqué has made it a popular technique for all kinds of new designs. In this video, you’ll learn invisible machine appliqué while flexing your improvisational muscle to make your own unique runner. Learn the essentials of making bias tape, and then weave the flexible strips into each other to create depth, dimension, and movement.

Everything you need to design and sew your own one-of-a-kind woven bias appliqué design is covered in the video presentation. The enhanced slideshow format pairs clear photos, diagrams, and animations with full audio narration—pause and rewind whichever steps you need! Topics include:

  • Fabric choices
  • Using bias tape makers
  • Composing your weaving design as you go
  • Stitching the bias down with invisible machine appliqué
  • Quilting the runner

A 3-page pattern with written instructions for making the runner is also included for your reference (and printing if you choose).

Note: This presentation was originally recorded for The Sewing Party, so the audio narration mentions a chat room that is now closed. The handout has been expanded into the 3-page pattern.